Vision & Mission


To be the premier Saudi investment firm dedicated to an investment philosophy based on excellence, integrity, and our values.



To deploy the highest institutional investment standards, delivered by a focused and highly qualified team of experts who share a common set of values, driven by a passion to achieve long term partnerships with our stakeholders



We expect high integrity and ethics from ourselves and the people around us. Being a respected business partner with a strong and solid corporate identity is essential for us, and we are committed to doing our best toward preserving and enhancing such an image. We take ownership of our work, and expect the same from our partners and stakeholders.


MASIC has a history of exceeding expectations and producing high quality outcomes. The path to excellence entails focusing on the big picture as well as the small details, and we firmly believe that excellence cannot be achieved without a steadfast commitment to hard work, dedication, and ownership.


At MASIC we pride ourselves in being committed to working with others both externally and internally. Outside MASIC, we believe that when like-minded investors partner together they can complement one another, generate synergies, and achieve great results. This includes partnering with foreign investors, government entities, and local powerhouses. Similarly, within MASIC, we reward teamwork and strive to work as one team, believing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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