We are committed to work with
our partners and in line with our values to
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Mohammed I. Alsubeaei & Sons
Investment Company

Investment Focus

Public Equity

MASIC’s public equity strategy centers around long-term sustained outperformance of relevant public market indices over a full market cycle.

Private Equity

MASIC’s private equity strategy centers around investing directly inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and investing as a limited partner in global venture capital funds.

Real Estate

Real Estate division has a dual objective: to actively manage and strategize MASIC’s own real estate portfolio and to screen, select and invest in the best real estate investment opportunities.

Who We Are

MASIC is a family-owned diversified investment company headquartered in Riyadh and established to exclusively manage the assets of the family of the late Mohammed I. Alsubeaei. MASIC manages multi-billion worth of assets inside as well as outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia across a broad range of asset classes with a primary focus on public equity, private equity, and real estate.

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