Investment Focus

MASIC is fully committed to Vision 2030 as demonstrated by focusing primarily on local investments, supporting national companies, establishing trusted and reliable long-term public-private partnerships, and developing our cities.

Public Equity

MASIC’s public equity strategy centers around long-term sustained outperformance of relevant public market indices over a full market cycle. That objective is achieved through discretionary portfolio mandates managed by experienced local asset managers with proven track record.   

Private Equity

MASIC’s private equity strategy centers around two pillars: First, locally where MASIC’s focus is on acquiring influential equity stakes in growth companies and on establishing sector-specific platforms in partnership with experienced local and/or foreign investors. Second, globally where MASIC’s focus is on investing as a limited partner with top-tier venture capital and growth equity funds, primarily in developed markets.

Real Estate

Building on MASIC’s real estate heritage, we are paving a new path, both as developers and investors of real estate assets in the Kingdom, to sustain and further solidify our role and position as innovative market makers. Hence, our strategy includes investing both in local real estate development platforms as well as in local real estate investment funds. In addition, we are also focused on developing raw land in the Kingdom thus targeting deeper contributions to the overall infrastructure of the Kingdom’s futuristic vision.