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The Company | The Founder

Mohammed Ibrahim Alsubeaei, may Allah bestow mercy upon him, took a strategic decision in 2009 to set up a family investment company that includes all his business activities and shift from the traditional business model commonly used by business families at that time, to an institutional investment business model.

The Mohammed Ibrahim Alsubeaei and Sons Investment Company (MASIC) was launched in 2010 with its prime responsibility of preserving the accomplishments and successes made by the founder whilst setting up the foundations for a contemporary modern business in line with the trends and developments that is able to capitalize on the arising investment opportunities

MASIC launched its first strategic plan for the years 2014-2018 and second strategic plan for the years 2019-2022, and achieved most of its investment targets in the Kingdom and abroad with a remarkable growth in the value of its assets and better than expected investment returns.
MASIC directed its financial and human resources towards investing in new opportunities in the local, regional and global markets. The underlying sectors of MASIC’s portfolio include investments in start-ups, specialized commercial banks, securities, stock markets, and investments in mega real estate projects in the Kingdom. To this end, MASIC established:

1. MASIC Logistics Company
2. MASIC Communities Company
3. Thakher Real Estate Development Company in Makkah Al-Mukarramah
4. Alargan projects in Riyadh

In addition, MASIC’s investment priorities included, participating in financing and investing in commercial and development projects with significant social impact, including the food and beverage sector. For example, MASIC invested with its partners in establishing the National Aquaculture Group in Al Leith Governorate, west of the Kingdom, as a contribution to achieving food security for the Kingdom and providing job opportunities for the citizens of the provinces surrounding the project.

Today, MASIC is on the verge of launching its third strategic plan (2022-2026), the objectives, fields and initiatives of which have been set based on our achievements and legacy, and in line with the aspirations and objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

MASIC is considered one of the largest Saudi companies supporting social responsibility. It is committed to boost its social role and community development. It annually sponsors and undertakes many community initiatives in health, education, entrepreneurship, and other fields, in cooperation and partnership with the relevant government, business and charitable agencies.
Since 2018, as part of its community initiative, MASIC has funded the Mohammed Ibrahim Alsubeaei Award for Entrepreneurs (Esameyoon), which MASIC was able to place among the top initiatives to support and incentivize entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past five years

Board of Directors

(2019 - present)

Ibrahim Alsubeaei
Nasser Alsubeaei
Vice Chairman
Dr. Abdulrahman Alhumaid
Khaled Alhathal
Dr. Ziad Al-Sudairy
Abdulaziz Alsubeaei
Mazen Al-Jubeir
Majed Alsubeaei
Yazeed Alsubeaei
Abdulrahman Alsubeaei

The Executive Team

Hani Halawani
Chief Executive Officer
Sulaiman Al-Quhidan, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Saad Alsayari
Chief Operating Officer
Salman Bin Shalhoub Al-Shalhoub
General Manger , Real-Estate Development and Management
Joseph Hakme
CO-Head of Direct Investment
Serge Cherfan
CO-Head of Direct Investment
Dr. Nader Al Harbi
Director of Legal
Wisam Khouri
Director Of Internal Audit

Department Managers

Mohammed Salah Mohamed, CMA, MBA
Financial controller
Yazeed Aljuraid
Director of Treasury
Farouk Sawtari
Leasing Manager
Hamad Almusallam
Legal Manager
Hassan Shuqair Alrwaily
Construction Manager