ALARGAN Projects

A leading Saudi real estate developer focusing mainly on providing innovative housing solutions of high quality and unique designs that complement the surrounding environment

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National Aquaculture Group (NAG)

The largest fully integrated desert aquaculture operation in the world.

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A Saudi based producer of diverse grades of Base Oil of the highest quality to meet industry demand both regionally and internationally.

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Fajr Capital

A leading Shariah-compliant principal investments firm with a focus on financial services and other strategic sectors in high-growth Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) markets.

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Jadwa Investment

A leading full service Shariah-compliant investment bank.

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Bank Albilad

A leading Saudi provider of Islamic banking solutions.

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Farabi Petrochemicals

A Saudi-based producer of petrochemical products and related by-products.

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Thakher is an investment and real estate development company focused on the development of residential, commercial and hospitality sector in the holy city of Makkah.

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Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.

Tri Alpha Energy, Inc. (TAE) is an American company based in California created for the development of aneutronic fusion power.

MASIC Logistics

MASIC Logistics was established in 2014 by MASIC Group to become a leading provider of manpower logistics solutions in Saudi Arabia, specializing in developing and operating staff and work force accommodations, readymade factories, warehouses and other logistic assets.

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Alfadhili Housing

Al Fadhili Field Housing Company for Real Estate Development is a Saudi Limited Liability Company established in 2017 jointly by MASIC For Logistic Services Company (MASIC LOGISTICS) and Saudi Aramco Investment Management Company (SAIMCO) to develop, design, finance, operate & maintain and transfer, both the Fadhili Bachelor Camp and the Government security residential compound located near Fadhili gas plant in Eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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MEEM Facility Management

Extending a full range of Facilities Management Services tailored to transition our client’s strategy into action.

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