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Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alsubeaei was born in Unayzah in 1915. His father passed away whilst Shiekh Alsubeaei was still a young boy and thus he entered working life under such difficult circumstances.

At the tender age of 11, he left with his uncle Nasser Alsubeaei for Makkah and worked there in a severe economic environment. Through hard work and strength of character, he rose to power and wealth becoming an astute businessman respected for his honesty and integrity. A many with many talents, Sheikh Alsubeaei is also an accomplished poet whose writings are highly treasured.

Despite his position and power, Sheikh Alsubeaei is a modest man of great dignity, compassion and benevolence. He had achieved success long before Saudi Arabia prospered as a result of the discovery of oil. Being a fervent patriot, he played a crucial role in shaping the emerging Kingdom into the strong nation that it is today. The rapid pace of change within Saudi Arabia during the 20th century, forms a backdrop for the story of this extraordinary man.

In addition to his charitable activities, Sheikh Alsubeaei has been a keen supporter of community work across Saudi Arabia. In 2004 he established “Mohammed & Abdullah Alsubeaei Charity Foundation” allocating assets in excess of billions of Riyals to back up and support the humanitarian, religious, cultural and social goals of this Foundation.

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