Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

MASIC founder, late Mohamed Ibrahim Alsubeaei, (1933-2017) instilled the social responsibility values in MASIC’s core vision, mission and strategic plans since inception in 2010.

Over the past three years, MASIC launched dozens of community initiatives focusing on three areas:

    I. Supporting and enablement of entrepreneurs to enter the labor market and manage their own projects efficiently. Our Initiatives include Esameyoon, Wathba, and Bader.
    II. Supporting and assisting charities and initiatives "specialized" in providing health services to the most needy and the limited income groups, provided that such charities are dynamic and have efficient management and governance structure.
    III. Cooperating with governmental, charitable, and research agencies to conduct studies and research related to providing legislative and regulatory solutions to tackle the society problems using objective and scientific tools.

MASIC is also keen to align its community plans and initiatives with the Saudi Vision 2030 in terms of boosting non-profit sector’s contribution to GDP to improving the quality of life and promoting voluntary work in the Kingdom.

To achieve these goals, MASIC has embraced a number of community initiatives in all regions of the Kingdom.

As part of its national role and duty to motivate companies to expand their social responsibility effort, MASIC always endeavors to transfer its experience in this field through all forums and meetings it is invited to, and presents all its experiences to other companies willing to expand the scope of their social responsibility.

MASIC is proud that the members of its Board and Management set in the boards of many charity societies, foundations and funds, as a result of which they earn a large amount of knowledge about charitable and social activity which they use in improving the performance of our social responsibility programs.

Another example of corporate social responsibility include the MASIC Annual Forum, which helps attract top economic, business and investment leaders from multinational organizations and academia.